Buying or selling a business in Melbourne?

Whilst Victoria may constitute less than 5% of Australia’s land mass, it is responsible for almost a quarter of Australia’s economic activity, with a larger economy than countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

A pro business state government has enabled Victoria to become the stronghold of manufacturing, services, innovation and knowledge in Australia.

Why do business in Melbourne?

Australia’s most heavily populated state, Victoria has a population of 5.5 million and its capital, Melbourne, is a globalised cosmopolitan city of 4 million. Recognised as Australia’s capital for business start-up, small businesses account for 83% of all businesses in the City of Melbourne.

Buying or selling a business in Melbourne, or turning your idea into a business, is an exciting but also stressful time, so it is good to know that the City of Melbourne can provide assistance at various levels of government.

For people looking for shops for sale in Melbourne or anyone who wants to find a business to buy, Melbourne has plenty of opportunities in business to choose from.

Whether buying a business or establishing a new business, the first step is always to do your research. You can start with the Melbourne businesses for sale on this page.